I’m passionate about literature. If I had my chance, I’d want to teach kids that words have power. Words that we use every single day, have power. Words are the most powerful tool in the history of human race.

They cut like a knife

Literature uses these words to express things that cannot be explained with a simple definition. Words can help us search for the unfulfilled desires, the hopes, dreams of the human being. It separates, it unifies, suppresses, it conquers. Words have power to make us the happiest we could ever be. Words also have the power to hurt. Literature harnesses this power to make us hear ourselves. Makes us hear our own time ticking away.

Cut into my life

Literature is the ripping of the band-aid humans attach to the festering wound of mortality. It tells us the consequence to living is dying. It forces us to understand we all become nothing but plant food, but consoles us by giving us meaning to things we all desperately try to understand about why we are alive. It helps us to understand what it is to love and suffer loss; to feel like a mighty emperor and a slave to a machine.

I don’t want to hear your words

As teenagers we are forced, either through experience or by scratching that interminable itch in our brains, to try and find an answer as to why we are born into this world. Everyone’s answer is different. Some may not find an answer. Some may not have time to ask themselves the question.

They always attack

But words can provide an outlet. A whole group of words assembled in a particular order can provide more comfort to us on our darkest day than any alcohol-induced activity ever will. Sure, alcohol will numb the pain, but words hold emotional value, it shows you how you feel. Something can never be forgotten or unwritten. That is what literature is all about. The emotion that the words evoke.

Please take them all back

Literature helps us to communicate with other humans, helps us to understand each other. Gives us an understanding, from one human being to another, what it is like to feel.

If they’re yours I don’t want anymore.

As teenagers we feel trapped, unloved, unwanted, betrayed, all the bad ones. Literature shows us that that feeling may never go away, but that there are other things for us to feel. To look forward to.

That’s what I want to teach.


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